OIT Members attend the ITEC Conference

Several members of OIT recently attended the ITEC 2012 conference.  ITEC is an Iowa group designed to promote usage technology in education and they hold a yearly conference that covers educational levels from preschool through higher education.

Attending several different discussions that ranged from gamification, TPACK, space utilization and the new AppleTV provided OIT with some new information.  There were also discussions about digital ethics and fair use, including examples of what does and does not constitute fair use.

One of the interesting discussions was concerning online education and the future of K-College education.  The discussion covered, the changing face of education and the issues that surround an educational system bound by place and high-stakes testing.

Contact Jerome.hilscher@drake.edu if you are interested in discussing any of the following topics:

  •  The 21st Century Classroom
  • Gamification of Education
  • T-PACK
  • Apple TV
  • Online Education
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